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The site reborn!
Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Hi everybody! Like a bad boyfriend, we've been out of touch for awhile. But unlike those bad boyfriends we haven't been cheating on you with other websites. We've just been really really busy! More specific news about all of that to come, so stay tuned! As you can see the website has a brand new, shiny look thanks to Jason Russler, so feel free to look around the pretty new pages filled with the same old crappy content!

Piranha Pictures Double Feature!
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Horror at the Hagar, a theatre in Hagerstown MD which shows horror double features, has asked to show a double feature of my stuff. I said sure, and so it's scheduled for Sat, Sept 1! They usually have a drive in screen running, and that's where I had wanted to show the movies but unfortunately it's under reconstruction right now. So that stinks. Because these are some drive-in types of movies! So instead, it will be in the cineplex portion. Specific info can be found here:

Hagerstown Drive-in

In other news, I've been recently getting on the ball a little more in sending out Fifth City to reviewers. I don't want to hit too many places because when the movie gets released we wants the reviews then, so people will know it's out. And I've been talking to some distribs so we'll see how that goes. So here are a few reviews...I have another really nice one from Shock Cinema magazine, which I need to scan. Rouge Cinema says:

"This film very literally has the best martial arts fighting scenes I've ever seen in an independent film."

Very cool!



Fifth City Premiere Pictures are up!
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Maybe you'll see yourself! Well, if you were there. Although what if you WEREN'T there, and you see yourself in one of the pictures? What would that mean? Could it be an evil clone? Or what if you died and didn't realize it, and you were looking at the pictures of your ghost and no one else could see you? You know...I'm in some of those pictures! What if it's a clone of ME? Or what if I'M a clone? I remember being at the premiere, but what if they downloded the real Eric's memories into what's surely some kind of robot brain? Well, you guys can check out the premiere pictures while I perform brain surgery on myself!

Check 'em out!