About Piranha Pictures

Well, let's see. We like kittens, snuggling, long walks in the rain...it's a wonderful world out there. We are located outside of Washington D.C. in a huge black building, where happy films of all kinds are made. Piranha Pictures shall force upon the world films that have heart, story, perhaps a modicum of intelligence, and big ol' stunts! Good for us!


Here is the headquarters of Piranha Pictures, located right in the heart of Fairfax.


Piranha Pictures began its fetid existence at Virginia Tech, where it made many, many terrible shot-on-video movies. Now Piranha Pictures makes terrible movies shot on film, so now it's ever so much more exclusive. Piranha Pictures has dedicated itself to making interesting films as well as crushing all who oppose us. Founded by Eric Thornett, Piranha Pictures has grown into the mini-empire that you see pictured above. The only thing left to figure out is how to get rid of founder Thornett. Everyone really hates him.


Pictured is the typical Piranha Pictures employee. Lazy, shiftless, and dead.