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All of our fantabulous friends you should visit!


Bette's acting is as sharp as her sword! And that is VERY pointy!


The star of many Piranha Pictures has his very own website! See David's own movies! We're so proud.


Monsters, boobies and ketchup. 'Tis Darkstone!


Jasi Cotton Lanier. She is a babe. She does stunts. Therefore, stuntbabe.


What makes Happy Cloud Pictures so happy are zombies, serial killers, and lesbian werewolves.


Gordon DelGiorno has died so many times in our flicks that you must visit him. He deserves it. Plus he has a brother!


There are ten million stories in the city. Debbie Rochon has been in most of them.


Mark is one of those uppity artist types. Visit him, or a single tear might run down his cheek.


Very few hot women talk to us. Ryli is one of the good ones.


News, reviews, and a super cool message board. Read about Zombie Ninja Gangbangers!



Grab a latte and listen to the hep cat sounds of Jason Russler.



A consummate actor who really doesn't look like Wesley Snipes at all.



Grant likes cartoons because they're better than real life. Maybe it's just me, but talking penguins creep me the heck out.



Run by the insane maniac known as Todd Rohal, you can go and buy their DVD of four hours' worth of short films! Go! Buy! Sell out to the Man!



Where we got our very first print review. It's the magazine that reviews movies you'll never see in your life! So at least read about 'em!




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